The themes you purchase can be used for your FlickRocket shop. Typically they have options to adjust them to your needs or they can be modified on a code level. Purchased themes may only be used for the FlickRocket Shop whose login credentials are used for the purchase.

To purchase themes you need to have signed up to FlickRocket (BASIC, SILVER or GOLD) and have a valid account.

Yes, the theme store includes a feature to try the theme with a sample site and alternatively also with your own products

This depends on the theme. Please check the theme description for information on included languages.

Yes, you can edit any theme you have purchased. Basic changes can typically be done with the options, which are included with any theme. For code changes you need to switch the theme from the managed mode to custom mode.

No. If you have signed up to FlickRocket, you have already been assigned a theme to use. Also, the theme store contains additional, free themes.

No. Generally all themes can be used with any product type. However, some designs may be more suited to certain product types than for others.

Yes, please contact FlickRocket for details.

Yes, all FlickRocket themes are responsive and work on any device.

Yes, please contact FlickRocket for details.